Our Company

Andrew and his associates provided the creative, editorial and technical driving force behind Teachers TV, the internationally renowned government funded professional development television channel and broadband portalĀ  from 2004 to 2011. In response to its international impact, Andrew was directly involved in securing and implementing replica services in Thailand with Thai Teachers TV and in the US with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded Teaching Channel.

In 2011 Pico Thailand Ltd acquired a majority stake in ABA Ltd creating a company with strong roots in the ASEAN region and a growing reputation for delivering quality video and new media projects to support ongoing teacher professional development and initial teacher training.

Andrew Bethell Associates Ltd has secured a license to disseminate the entire Teachers TV catalogue of over 3500 educational videos. These can be accessed from around the world via the specially created website ProTeachersVideo.

Over the last five years Andrew Bethell and associates have worked in Australia where they supported the early development of the Teachers TV model, with YLE in Finland setting up a teacher development strand on Teema education channel, in Jordan advising the Queen Raina Education Foundation and in Chile advising the Fondacion Chile.