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Innovative Professional Development for Teachers

Andrew Bethell Associates is a global consultancy and delivery company specializing in new media and online video for teacher professional development and training. Led by Andrew Bethell, the company offers extensive experience and expertise in the development and implementation of broadcast and online distribution of high impact educational videos.

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Inspiring the Global Teacher

Andrew Bethell Associates is committed to supporting the aspirations and professionalism of the global community of teachers. Whilst there will always be cultural, economic and curriculum differences across the world, when it comes to teaching and learning there is a core set of skills and practices that lead to improved outcomes for children. Our use of high quality digital video to share good and effective practice has been proven to inspire and inform education professionals across the globe.

Teachers TV: a global success

Over seven years, Teachers TV set the standard for utilizing the power of television and the internet to spread best practice and raise the morale and motivation of teachers and school leaders. As a founder and CEO, Andrew Bethell, supported by his associates, has led the global dissemination of the Teachers TV model.

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Global Access to Teachers TV Archive

Andrew Bethell Associates has secured a license to the Teachers TV archive of over 3500 videos. These can be accessed from around the world via the purpose-built website: A powerful search engine and intuitive navigation allows anyone to find and stream videos covering all subjects and school improvement issues.